Bureaucrat facing Rs40bn corruption charges ‘cleared’



When NAB confiscated over Rs730 million hard cash after he was taken into detention, the then finance secretary of Balochistan, Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, hit the headlines in May.

The finance guy was likewise discovered to be possessing as many as a dozen houses in Karachi, whose estimated price was said to be around Rs2 billion as the play involving the retrieval of this type of substantial number started to unfold.

Together with the defendant found possessing property got beyond his known sources of income and keeping millions in illegal cash, it seemed to be an open and shut case finishing until NAB’s selection on Wednesday along with his conviction —.

The assembly was presided over by nAB chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry.

He said it was the largest- plea bargain deal reached by NAB.

In reply to your question, the spokesman said Mr Raisani would be “totally cleared after the responsibility court approves the offer. Nevertheless, he’d not have the ability to seek a bank loan or any government job for next ten years.

Replying to your question concerning the houses, he said their real value was being assessed, although the estimated expense of the houses was said to be over Rs2bn. A conclusion in this respect will be taken just after ascertaining the value of the houses, he added.

For going against its practice over other things, NAB’s determination could be challenged. Generally, NAB reaches plea bargain deals to recover the sum that is misappropriated or looted. Mr Raisani’s case, nevertheless, has taken a peculiar move. NAB confiscated 12 houses worth Rs2bn, which means while the sum that must be deposited by the accused beneath the plea bargain deal is Rs2bn NAB has recently got Rs3bn in cash and kind and regained nearly Rs1bn cash from his property.

Replying a question about Mr Lango, who had been also detained in the case, NAB spokesman said he’d be dealt individually.