Cool DAD! Shah Rukh Khan: I am planning to give up smoking and drinking for AbRam, Aryan and Suhana!


There’s absolutely no uncertainty because Shah Rukh Khan is a doting dad to his three children – Aryan AbRam and Suhana. Despite his frantic agenda, he makes sure to spend some time together with his kids.

He explained, “ last night Yes, that’s an issue, that idea comes within my head, it arrived. One approach to consider it would be to keep yourself healthy. The existence of a small kid in the age of 50, it’s a thing that is good.

“Having stated that, will I be there to do something similar that I did with my old children? Yes, that’s a stress. I’m about to give up all (smoking, drinking, etc) and make an effort to be fitter and more joyful,” he included.

SRK mentioned he does it hold it and that as he lost his parents in the age of 15. With this note, he explained, “I don’t need my kids to hold that against me that I wasn’t there.”

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