Exclusive Scoop! Sushant Singh Rajput wants Kriti Sanon on board for Chanda Mama Door Ke!


We’d in an exclusive report disclosed that ladylove Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput had called it quits after the latter had rambling manners. And imagine what oddly Sushant needs Kriti to be in this movie in cast. On the other hand, the manufacturers are on a watch for the lead heroine. Is it of wooing his woman back Sushant’s manner? Well, our source believes otherwise.

Sushant needs Kriti to be part of Chanda Mama Door Ke. Among the theories is that their schism was falsified by the couple. Because their love life had become the single purpose of discussion, which had also caused tension within their relationship, seemingly, the performers were actually frustrated. While space was kept by the performers in public we discover they continued to be jointly. The truth is, Sushant has discussed for the part to rope in Kriti.

As our source discloses to us only, Kriti and “Sushant are very much together. Actually, they began propagating the word they’ve go simply to redirect attention and keeping space. And Sushant is ready to be matched in Chanda Mama Door Ke, yet again, opposite Kriti. He’s put but the makers are considering on whom they should pick.” If that is definitely the truth, we wonder or SSR is striving difficult to gain his ex lover over?

The reason being of the truth that the manufacturers need to take a position plenty of their time in the preproduction work. The performers need certainly to train to shoot in zero-gravity circumstances, so they’ll begin prepping for that shortly.

Post which they were seen cosying at celebrations as well as seeing with each other’s house. Yet, their relationship has been supported by neither of them . Anyway, who should be matched in Chanda Mama Door Ke – opposite Sushant Discuss with us your ideas in the comments section below!