Facebook fake news: Zuckerberg details plans to combat problem


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has outlined strategies for how he expects to fight fake news on the website.
Mr Zuckerberg posted details of several jobs to “take misinformation seriously”, including strategies for stronger discovery and confirmation.
‘ fake news is written by me that gets discussed on Facebook’

In his place, billionaire Mr Zuckerberg said: “We have been working with this issue for quite a while and we take this duty seriously.”
But he said the issues were “complicated, both technically and philosophically.” He noted Facebook failed to need to deter the sharing of views or become “arbiters of truth”.
He dismissed the notion as “silly” but fake news websites are on the rise as a result of gains that may be made from web advertising.
One narrative, that has been broadly shared after the election on Facebook promised Mr Trump had been commended by Hollywood actor Denzel Washington.
On Monday, Google announced it’d do more to prevent imitation news sites from earning money through marketing.
Facebook made explicit a similar limitation on using its advertising network soon after.