Facebook memorial Bug ‘kills’ Users in ‘Terrible Error’


A lot of people dead were labelled by an uncommon bug on Facebook.

The mistake on Friday caused the social network to reveal a memorial banner ad for individuals who were still living on user profiles.
Users posted standing upgrades to assure family and friends they are not dead, despite the message of Facebook.

“This was a horrible mistake that we’ve now repaired,” a Facebook representative said. “We are extremely sorry that this occurred.”
“We expect those who adore Mark will find comfort in the matters other share to recall and celebrate his life,” the banner ad on his page read.

Both Facebook users and technology reporters, nevertheless, saw a funny side to the narrative.

“Why Is Facebook Saying I am Dead?” requested the New York Times’ Katie Rogers. I was not dead. (Was I? It was a long week.)”

Facebook in 2015 introduced the memorial attribute after several high profile cases where family needed to get the societal reports of departed nearest and dearest.
An other choice would be to have your accounts deleted after your departure.