Hot Scoop! Is it the sun or has Deepika really got a sexy new hair colour? Lovin’ it anyway!


Now that is just how a great hair day should appear to be! The papz lad, look at that sickeningly hot transformation and got fortunate to see Deepika Padukone after a hair health spa session this day! Not that Deepika formerly had jet black hair for she’s always flaunted stripes of brown and golden . However, this time, seems such as the attractiveness chose to colour by picking on a beautiful brilliant copper color, her hair fully world-wide and we might add, whatta a stunner. After all seriously! Perhaps the sun will be thanked for giving this effect that is stunning but whatever be the situation, we’re adoring this change on Deepika. It’s summery and so bloody refreshing!

Deepika is signed up as the newest brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris and of course. If her L’Oreal organization is the cause of this makeover and that means you never know?

Does this mean there time for Deepika? After performing the sacred Ganga aarti the performer has lately also returned. If you put all of the recent occasions you’ll be mistaken what’s Deepika actually upto? Is she occupied along with her L’Oreal cooperation? Or is she covertly having her own group of strategies lined up for nobody else to understand?