‘Prepare for World War 3’ Russia tells people to get ready for NUCLEAR ATTACK from the US


The media and state officials have warned the White House is plotting to start an all out assault on Russia.

The new Iron Curtain has dropped in the Middle East as military communication has cut.

Putin’s ministers declared on Friday they’ve constructed underground shelters for a nuclear strike that could hold all the 12 million residents on Moscow.
Russia continues to be building underground bunkers, new weapons, and studying experimental military technology as the country readies itself.
As Russia backed out of a nuclear deal that has stood since the Cold War tensions boiled over at the weekend.

Putin signed the decree canning the deal which attributed the “hostile activities of the US” and said there’s demand to “take speedy action to protect Russian protection”.

The deal controls how the trashed nuclear substance is employed and coped with the disposal of plutonium. Russia have the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons their arsenal. in on earth with 7,300

Putin’s firepower was also warned in order to overwhelm Europe in the coming of World War 3.

Four star general Philip Breedlove, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, said: “We should consider our ability to protect our capacity to strengthen Europe.”