Russian hackers ‘probably swayed Brexit vote’, says Ben Bradshaw MP


Russian hackers “likely” carried the EU referendum vote in favour of Brexit, a former Labour minister has asserted in the Commons.

Heading Continue campaigner Ben Bradshaw challenged the legality of the outcome in June, promising individuals were underestimating the degree of cyber warfare.

His astonishing claim arrived within an emergency Commons debate on the most recent developments where President Bashar Assad’s Russian-backed forces happen to be storming the city of Aleppo.

But his claim was given short shrift by Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman, who replied: “I never have come across any signs that Russian cyber warfare was utilized to help determine the referendum.”
“Not only their hindrance, now established, in the American presidential campaign, likely in our personal referendum a year ago.”

He included: “We do not have the signs for that yet, but I believe it is highly likely.

“We have got to awaken to this.”

He pointed to the referendum in the Netherlands examples in Bulgaria and its own continuing pressure on the Baltic states.

But Mrs May’s spokesman said on Mr Bradshaw’s claim: “The referendum was run in this state, it was quite a clear vote and we’re now getting on with presenting on the will of individuals to take Britain from the European Union.”