Is Sidharth Malhotra unhappy with girlfriend Alia Bhatt’s proximity to Varun Dhawan?


Yes that’s what these days we have been made to suppose. Media is drawing inferences which suggest that all isn’t good between these two SOTY stars while both performers are active playing hide and seek with each other. Varun Dhawan goes missing and vice versa if an occasion is attended by Sid. This is actually a sheer coincidence but then it will not add up when we read between the lines.

The one significant man missing in the scenario was Sidharth Malhotra while the screening of Varun Dhawan’s Badrinath ki Dulhania and Alia Bhatt was a starry relationship. Reports imply the performer was busy shooting through the time that’s the reason why he couldn’t attend the screening for the Ittefaq remake with Sonakshi Sinha. But he did it is even mentioned by n’t on his Twitter report. No great wishes were traded nor were compliments showered. Was this deliberate?

While Varun, Sidharth and Alia were partying under one roof, the performers didn’t model to get a picture.

Alia Bhatt was given ’s birthday bash a royal miss by Varun Dhawan. Yes, we concur the performer was enjoying an enchanting vacation but was it intended especially to keep him away in the parties? He could also have taken off post the parties, right?