Tech News: Pakistani internet bandwidth to increase by 24Tbps


Internet and voice information companies in Pakistan using undersea fibre optic infrastructure run by the Transworld Associates (TWA) can now improve their bandwidth capability by up to four times.

The South-East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe (SEA-ME-WE)-5 cable was built with a consortium of 16 firms from nations in the area, including TWA from Pakistan. The cable runs through , starting kms 20,000 at Singapore -East Asia and finishing at Marseille in Western Europe.

Previously, TWA was running a 1,254-kilometer-long TW 1 cable from Karachi to Oman and Emirates. Arab United

TWA and Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) are the sole two firms with landing rights in Pakistan for web and voice data traffic.

A press statement said the cable’s innovative 100 gbps technology was equipped with latest technology. “It’s primary endpoints are provider-neutral, open Points of Presence (PoPs) and not Cable Landing Stations (CLS),” it said.

This system eases a fresh era of initiation and digital transformation, catalyzing increase across three continents, commerce and greater economic activities.”

TWA marketing manager Bilal Mughal told TR Pakistan that it will be an issue of days before end users could get improved speeds after bandwidth upgrades are requested by ISPs and mobile services suppliers.