Tech News: Twitter shares soar almost 20% on takeover talk


More than 20% soared after a report said the house of the 140-character tweet had received takeover approaches.
Twitter, which has been the subject of takeover rumours before, is becoming nearer to a sale, in accordance with the US business news channel CNBC.
The board of directors of twitter is open to your price, that could come by the end of the year, in accordance with CNBC.
Twitter shares soared after remarks from cofounder Ev Williams.
When inquired on Bloomberg TV whether the business could stay independent he answered: “We Are in a powerful position now, so when a board member we must contemplate the right choices.”
The flagging operation of the firm has additionally spurred talk of a takeover.
Twitter never made a sales and profit growth continues to be slowing in recent quarters.
In July, Twitter reported that second quarter sales had increased nearly 20%, the weakest increase since its stock market flotation.
Cofounder Jack Dorsey took over in July of last year as chief executive after the preceding boss, Dick Costolo stepped down.
Mr Costolo, who’d been chief executive from 2010, was not happy with the performance of the company.
In May Mr Dorsey told the BBC that “we are making progress” but “things take time to transform.”
But analysts wonder if his payment company, Square distracts Mr Dorsey.
“The expectation for investors would be that under the wing of a large business, it could enlarge its user base and better monetise those users,” he added.