US News: Civil liberties group ACLU seeks help using anti-Trump donations


Celebrities and companies are among people who’ve given.
How could ACLU be helped by Y Combinator?
The California-based company is called incubator, or an accelerator. It can help its customers – typically begin-ups – with funds along with mentor-ship and networking.
It usually copes with young firms seeking to grow, but has coped with mature organisations before.
In addition to registering the ACLU in its winter programme, Y Combinator also would send a number of its own staff to the New York offices of the ACLU and said it was providing an undisclosed amount of cash.
Y Combinator’s creator Sam Altman, an outspoken critic of Mr Trump’s, said: “We Have been speaking to them (ACLU) for a while. We were usually about to get started more slowly, but things are really so pressing now.”
In some tweets replying to criticism about becoming involved he included: “I am optimistic we are able to help in limited areas where we now have important expertise and otherwise stay out of the means.
“Even non-technology firms want some technology eg for taking gifts.”
Among the associates of Y Combinator is Paypal creator Peter Thiel and billionaire investor, who also serves as an advisor to Mr Trump.

The extreme backlash from the brand new policies has resulted in increased contributions to multiple organisations whose causes run counter to his government.
Prochoice group Planned Parenthood, for instance, logged 80,000 gifts only days after the
GQ magazine has called the tendency “rise of the fury gift”.