World Around! Spy chief adds to warnings of Russian cyber attacks on Germany


Germany’s spy chief warned that Russian hackers may target the German election of next year with campaigns of misinformation which could sabotage the democratic procedure, harking back to concerns expressed by the national intelligence manager in the country’s.

Russian officials denied any such attempt.

In a interview published in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday, the newest head of Germany’s BND foreign intelligence service, Bruno Kahl, said there were signs that Russia may be behind the intervention.

“We have signs that cyber attacks are taking place which have no other function than activating political doubt,” he said. “The perpetrators are interested in delegitimising the democratic procedure as such, regardless of who that later helps.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also warned that societal bots ─ applications applications to carry opinion on powerful social networking websites by distributing fake news ─ might control the voting.

Conquered Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton accused Trump of being a true Putin “puppet”.

Kahl said Germany among other nations in Europe was a special goal of misinformation efforts.

“A form of pressure has been exercised on public discussion and democracy here that is unacceptable,” he said.

Now the risks as well as the challenges tend to be more varied while intelligence agencies used to concentrate on states as well as the actors more different, Kahl included.

Deutsche Telekom has attributed disruptions experienced by thousands of its own customers on Monday on a hacking effort that was unsuccessful to hijack consumer router apparatus with the aim of a more extensive Internet assault.