Unless you are a naturally born entrepreneur, for most people in Hong Kong, the idea of starting a business completely from scratch is a very scary thought. But nothing seems strange these days when you see people turning their hobbies into a startup business originated from Hong Kong or even a profitable business. Look at how many Youtubers are shooting all types of videos in all types of industries. The “industries” are actually where their hobbies are.

Many startups that are originated from Hong Kong were created by people who have turned their favorite hobbies into their jobs, then into their business. These days you would see a person making DIY necklaces all day, and she would have shot what she has been doing into videos. She would have uploaded on to Youtube to gain herself a subscriber base. Once the number of subscribers have grown to a large enough size, her business will take off and become a real deal.

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From then onwards, the only relatively larger expense is the company incorporation of her Hong Kong based business. In reality, she doesn’t even need to go to an office to do her daily work. She can totally operate from home, until her business starts to create excessive income (that she must file in profits tax return to the Hong Kong IRD) or she starts to hire staffs who needs to be sitting in an office or some open co-working office spaces.

How did this idea even happen in the first place? Remember back in the old days when Hong Kong wasn’t today’s Hong Kong, women used to made necklaces and bracelets in their home. The jobs are part time jobs for women who didn’t go to a workplace during their days. They were essential the freelanced workforce of some manufacturing or high labor intensive factories. The difference between the past and now is that we have more choices in technologies to help us tell other people (who may be interested in what we do).

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Another approach is through doing personal training. For the gym nuts, they may be missing out on a fast and simple way to monetize (and even build a profitable long term business). Some popular personal trainers may have been already making quite a lot these days. The trainers may get a few high-rolling customers who pay them premium rates. But it is not the only way. There are many ordinary people but who are usually busy working at their 9-to-5 work plus overtime. They have their own thoughts and requirements to get fitter and healthier. They need help from a mentor such as an experienced personal trainer.