Since an enterprise is not able to communicate independently with its environment in a way to maximize its profits, it usually refers to specialized marketing and PR agencies, using their propaganda services, as well as mass media services that it uses to communicate with their own public. The in-store staffing toronto

Over time, the accent promoted with respect to goals, costs, positioning of a product or service, competition and its promotional activities etc. are changing, but it must always be kept in mind that its effectiveness depends on other elements of the marketing mix as well and that it alone cannot compensate for the weaknesses and shortcomings of other elements. However, it is important to point out that quality promotion makes sense only after established standards and comparative advantages of products, sales channels and price policy (solved problems of production, distribution and prices). This means that an integrated approach to planning corporate communication with customers must be emphasized, i.e. the need for strategic planning that will coordinate activities within the company itself, as well as the activities of the specialized agencies it hired to promote their products and services.

Goals for using the promotion:

Present and highlight the benefits of your own products;
Attract the consumer’s attention;
Create a positive opinion about your own products in consumer goods;
List consumers for purchase;
Potential demand turns into an effective one for its own products;
Increase sales volume;
Suppresses the sale of competitors;
To contribute to profit.

One of the most important aspects of promotion is its effectiveness. It is monitored and measured through the impact of promotion on:
Market introduction and growth in the volume of sales of new products;
Maintenance of the achieved volume of sales of existing products in the assortment, for a longer period.

The promotion aims to help the company to more fully and consistently consume the values ​​offered by the company and its products in relation to the competition. They make them in a unique way different in relation to the competition, that is, they often exclude a product or service in the sea of ​​the same products and services. Although it plays a decisive role in achieving an appropriate degree of market representation, it cannot itself make the product successful.

Promotional strategy

A promotional strategy is a general plan of activities for the realization of promotional goals, and consists of: the decision on the manner of managing the promotion, the customized selection and creation of the elements of the promotional mix, the specific futures and financial plan, as well as the mutual relation of these elements in accordance with the market situation. A promotional strategy relies on a marketing strategy, and the special significance for the selection of promotional activities has well-placed marketing goals that are surely out of the planned profit. Based on the planned profit, the necessary market share is reached, and from that simple calculation to the required number of sold products.

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