A strong family bond is essential for every individual for a successful upbringing, and it also effectively helps in building an active and flourishing society. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people do not find the time much to spend time much with their family, let alone have fun. Given the packed schedule, we are running into every day, most of us yearn for those funny moments that we have enjoyed with our families during the past years. Technology has impacted every sphere of our life and has created a way to relive those magical moments that we’ve been yearning for years.

Despite all this rush, it is heartening to note that online gaming is helping families to gel and bond together. In the beginning, online gaming has mostly been a man’s forte. Technological advances have brought even elders to enjoy the game without any reservations. It’s astonishing to note that the older generation has found online gaming interesting. There are over 220 million gamers in India who are roughly spending at least 42 mins a day playing an online game. The percentage of older people in the gaming fraternity is steadily increasing.

Social Networking

More or less, everyone makes use of Social networking websites. These social media sites give them a platform to showcase their interests and express themselves in ways that they cannot do so in the real world. It also gives them a chance to meet people with similar interests who they cannot find in real life. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are incredibly popular among today’s youngsters. It would be a surprise to observe that games are also increasingly becoming a tool to connect with people unbeknownst before. The increasing number of games that operate on a shared platform has given a scope for people to get connected with other gamers, even from different continents. In the event you get nostalgic about the rummy card game that you have played with your relative who is now living in the other part of the world, there’s simply nothing to worry. You can get connected with him through a common rummy platform from where you both can enjoy the game.

Exercise for the mind

Most of us like games which stimulate our brain. Given the monotonous nature of the jobs we are in, we do get stressed out much now and then. Playing online games like Classic rummy online or poker would allow us to break free from stress. Skill-based card games will enable us to keep our mind healthy and active. As these card games have scenarios that keep you at the edge-of-the-seat, you will have to apply your mind regularly to improvise and leverage the cards available. Games like rummy with their simple rules provide ample challenges with the right balance of fun and thrill. Age is not a matter of concern, as rummy rules are quite simple to grasp. Even if you don’t know how to play rummy, the materials and videos available on various rummy portals will help you understand the rules. If you’re are above 18, you’re all welcome to try out.

Smartphones – the game changer

Ever since the advent of the smartphone, there’s been a revolution of sorts in the gaming field. Online Gaming, which was reserved to the savvy and the affordable, now is available on your mobile phones. Smartphones are now available feature-rich at the most affordable rates. Even the prices for the data packs have been slashed drastically after the advent of companies such as Jio. Smartphones are no longer a prized possession but are now an indispensable asset. The good news for gamers is that they no longer to rely on consoles, PCs, and unique gadgets to enjoy the game. All the games they enjoyed playing in these devices are now available on smartphones and mostly free of cost. Even games that require you to play real money like Indian Rummy are incredibly affordable and allow you to win more than your investment.

Refer A Friend

Most gaming sites allow the players an option to refer their friends. Most of us love to associate with our group, and these sites have given you a platform to play with our friends and relatives. The pleasure of playing with our loved ones is unmatched, and it also helps in strengthening the bond. Online gaming sites like Deccan Rummy give the viewers an option to refer their friends and family and also earn in a big way for life. The rummy game enhances the camaraderie and warmth and helps in creating a tight bond. Specific rummy sites likewise offer an option of the private table where you can create your schedule, decide the table money, and share the password with your relatives.


As the online gaming industry keeps expanding its sphere of influence across multiple sectors, it’s heartening to see that it could further strengthen the family bond.