Remote Team

If you have or are considering in investing some of your company resources in a remote team, then you will undoubtedly be concerned with the productivity of said team. In such circumstances, it can be important to try and keep productivity high by actively monitoring and motivating your team to do the right levels of work. So, with that in mind, here are the best ways to actively improve the productivity of a remote team.

Track Work

To ensure that the right amount of work is being produced you should have some way to track output. This may be a simple work tracking system which can show the output, productivity and even the times at which your team actively do the work. From this, you can work out the overall work being produced and whether or not it fits into what you would expect.

If work is falling behind, then you can see this and talk to the people involved. This way you can ask directly what might be causing this downturn and work to improve the situation as far as possible for them.

Set Goals

One of the biggest ways to make sure your team productivity keeps moving forward is with some actual set goals. With goals in mind, a worker knows what they need to do and can produce the necessary work in order to achieve this. No goals can leave a worker feeling aimless and not really understanding their proper roles.

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Also, if each individual employee has set goals in mind, then no one can complain that a certain individual is not pulling their weight or doing the right amount of work. A common complaint amongst teams who cannot actively see one another.

Build Relationships

Poor relationships can be the downfall of any team, but especially a remote team. If people rarely see each other, a bad relationship can only make the scenario worse and remove the desire to be productive/work together – perhaps even leading to the need for a mediation solicitor. Try to avoid this as much as possible, as any need for corporate solicitors can quickly break your team morale and cause a split for your remote team.

The problem with building relationships across time zones is the fact that a meetup can be quite difficult to facilitate realistically. As such, you will need to be more creative in your attempts to build good relationships within your team. Good ideas to make this happen include virtual team meetings, movie night, send small–thoughtful–gifts, picture sharing, etc. This is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas, but it can be certainly helpful.

Respect The Time Zones

Remote employees can all live quite distantly apart, so working around these differing time zones can be incredibly important. If you fail to respect that someone is asleep at a certain time, demanding work, etc., then you may find the employee becomes quickly irritated. Respecting individual working times, then, is an important factor to consider.

A time zone calendar can be the best way to actively ensure that this is adhered to.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that you understand the needs of a remote team in order to ensure the success of one. Learn the needs of your team, what keeps them on track and try to apply this into your everyday life. Only then will you have the success that you desire from this team setup in the real world.