Camus DynaFlame Boiler

The Camus Hydronics DynaFlame Series Boiler is a gas fired stainless steel and copper tube commercial boiler ideal for hot water supply and hydronic heating with sixteen models to pick from. It has a boiler efficiency of ninety-five percent (condensing), eighty-eight percent (near-condensing) or eighty-five percent (non-condensing).

State-of-the-Art Features

The Camus DynaFlame boiler provides one point for inputs to adjust and control the boiler’s gas and air. It provides a ratio control of 1:1 resulting in flawless combustion throughout the entire range of modulation. The digital control system is very advanced and provides perfect accuracy.

The DynaFlame Series Boiler uses either a copper or a stainless steel heat exchanger. The copper heat exchanger can sustain temperatures of two hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit (for heating) and two hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit (for hot water for domestic use) and pressures of up to one hundred sixty PSIG. The stainless steel heat exchanger can sustain temperatures of two hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit (for both hot water for domestic use and heating) and pressures of up to one hundred sixty PSIG.

The DynaFlame Series Boiler comes with a valve for pressure relief, a flow switch, contacts for flame failure, a switch for low gas pressure and a switch for water pressure.

The DynaFlame Series Boiler has a rumble free soft start hot surface ignition and it’s pilot ignition is proven for three million BTU/hr. It can be directly ignited up to two and a half million BTU/hr. And it has a turndown ration of 5 to 1.

The DynaFlame Series Boiler uses a top-notch lead lag algorithm which gets rid of expensive and complicated boiler sequencer panels.

The DynaFlame Series Boiler is outfitted with a standard communication protocol (Modbus RTU). This provides remote monitoring of the boiler plant allowing you to view the boiler’s status, temperatures, error codes, pump activation and much more. It also allows you to remotely control the boiler such as sending and receiving firing rate requests and writing setpoint temperatures. The DynaFlame Series Boiler is also future-proofed by supporting various protocols such as BacnetMSTP, BacnetIP, LonWorks and MetasysN2. It uses a Fieldserver Protonode that is outfitted with connectivity to RS485 or Ethernet. DynaFlame’s Fieldserver Protonode is BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) Certified. The BTL Certification guarantees that DynaFlame products are of the best quality and provides top-notch performance and great ease and simplicity in connectivity.

User-Friendly Integrated Controls


The DynaFlame Series boiler can be remotely operated using an integrated 7-inch color touch screen controller (SOLA) from Honeywell. The controller allows you to operate up to eight SOLA devices. The controller is user-friendly and has a USB output port to allow you to capture screenshots. It also provides service personnel with access using a password.