Urban Development

As the year’s pass, gradually there are sudden increases in urban development. Meaning that larger less populated areas are quickly becoming heavily populated and the need for buildings and infrastructure has reached new heights.

Hickory group director George Abraham acknowledges that there has been a significant increase in the hotel sector of construction in the past years and it’s estimated to keep on increasing. Hickory has been taking the necessary measures to construct based on the needs of the newly grown urban development areas.

There have been reports of many issues surrounding the architectural and building approach to the urban development increase as there has been a need for more sustainable and eco-friendly buildings to save money, time and promote efficiency and well-taken care of the environment.

However, builders and construction groups are aware that the following issues do stand in the way of building alongside the urban development increase:

  • Poor Infrastructure Service Conditions: Sometimes all construction machinery can be neglected and can go without maintenance for long periods of time which can cause less time-efficient building and construction processes.
  • Space: With an increase in urban development finding the space to build in areas can be very difficult for architectural approaches.
  • Government Policy: The government is asking for better designing and planning processes to cater to the “urban renaissance” and build based on advanced designs, procedure and new equipment. Many government policies make it difficult for better infrastructure to be built as they are not backed enough with enough financing.
  • Funding And Economic Development: This is the central issue, the government hardly funds enough to cater for these new designs and developments which makes it difficult to deliver the high-quality design. Most buildings are being built through private financing schemes as a result of this which hardly acknowledges the architects who design and plan the buildings.
  • Sustainable Approach: As population increases and urban development in areas increases, the need for better environmentally friendly and sustainable construction procedures and building features is on high demand. This approach is expensive and lengthy and requires financial support, which architects are struggling to attain making being able to design, plan and build during urban development a very challenging process.

Taking into consideration the many challenges that come with architectural approaches to Urban development, the Hickory group is determined to cater for urban development with the new and improved procedure and protocol that is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but timely, cost-efficient and high quality.

The Hickory group takes pride in working through 25 years of experience in building major projects to develop new and modernised building systems that are sustainable and easily fitted into the estimated growth in the 2020 construction pipeline.

Hickory is working toward achieving integrated project delivery throughout the urban development increase. One of Hickory’s biggest approaches is to promote architectural freedom.

Architectural freedom is important to Hickory construction developments as urban development is constantly changing and growing and Hickory needs to remain adaptable to the change in culture to combat the architectural concerns to urban development.

Therefore, Hickory utilises a series of pre-designs and interchangeable componentry that is able to be scaled from a medium rise to high-rise building if need be. This encourages healthy system flexibility and a cost-effective approach to architectural approaches to the increase in urban development.

Hickory’s main aim is to constantly develop and enforce more sustainable approaches to building to cater to the needs of newly developed and populated areas. Therefore, in Hickory’s integrated project delivery, the Hickory building is heavily focussed on eco-friendly frameworks. Through this sustainable approach, Hickory aims to construct more sustainably by using less carbon-intensive materials, reducing waste, energy and water usage throughout the Hickory building process.

These eco-friendly procedures are implemented all throughout every building process and new procedures are constantly being developed by the Hickory group to ensure better environmentally friendly procedure.